Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back To Summer Vacation

Alright, mommy has the pictures up now. She did a marathon session, in between work, playing with me and training for a half marathon..... Now it is time for me to get back to summer, I have more things to do like.......

More Parks to Visit
More Leisure wear to model
Still trying to get mommy on that hike in our yard
Brunches to attend
Bubbles to pop

Food to wear rather than clothes
More Hearts to Break

See you again soon, hopefully sooner than 4 months from now.......

This Ain't Happy Hollow

So this is the zoo I am used to going to:

This is the zoo (SF Zoo) mommy and daddy recently took me to:

So from now on when I say "zoo" I mean the one with the BIG cats and the giraffes that I can feed. Never mind the long drive, the inability to find parking, the bad weather in SF, and the fact the giraffe feedings was a private event that we can't go to everyday........ Zoo means the cool animals........ Next time even Safari West could be in order......

Got it?????? GOOD!!!!!!

Summer Can't be ALL Fun and Games

So Summer can't be all fun and games. I have had to do some hard work too.... Like my chores and talk to my broker, my portfolio is really hurting, this economy.......

I also have been working on multi-tasking more. While I am at the park swinging I make my important calls and network. My stock broker Nemo always wants me to go to the Bahamas and "explore the reef" with him. I am THAT important of a client. Even with the hit I have taken, I still have some staying power.

Anyways, mommy and daddy are so busy that one afternoon while mommy was sitting on the couch relaxing I went into the kitchen, got the windex and a paper towel and started doing what she usually is doing.... Cleaning windows and mirrors and sweeping. Hey, I am just doing my part. Mommy was a bit concerned as to where the paper towel came from since the windex is stored next to the garbage, but Reduce Reuse Recycle mom.....

My Name is Sean, I come in Peace, Leave Everything in Pieces

Vacation In Idaho and Utah

Me and my Twin Cousin (our birthdays are 6 years and 1 day apart even)
Mommy and Daddy, did you run off the hill in a hail storm?
You were supposed to ride the Alpine Slide????

Swimming is the best!!!!!
Not another family self pic.....

That is a LONG way down. Good thing we didn't have to hike up!!
Me and my Great-Grandparents Sweetens
Gotta take this sand back home with me
Grampa and Me:)
Why am I NOT in this picture? Mommy, Daddy, did you go on a hike without me?

So I FINALLY went to Idaho and Utah for the first time..... Mommy and Daddy have been holding out on me. It is pretty cool there. You can go camping, hiking, I didn't like boating - I got a little sea sick, but the swimming pool was THE BEST!!!! I also met my family there including my "twin" cousin. Yes, not only do we look a lot alike, our birthdays are one day apart. Mine is the 26th of December, his is the 27th..... Our mommies don't forget our birthdays:)

Mommy's Work had a COOL Party - With Cotton Candy

Happy Hollow Here we Come AGAIN

On My Best Behavior

So Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Daniel took me to the DeYoung Museum to see the Musee D Orsay exhibit. I was on my best behavior that day and wearing my favorite sweater. Mommy tried to let me walk through the gallery, but as soon as she put me down I ran up to, arms extended ready to touch, the Birth of Venus. Hey it is a priceless work of art that has made it through time, OF COURSE I WANT TO TOUCH AND DESTROY!!!!! I am a boy..... So mommy carried me the rest of the time and I managed not to touch or otherwise defile priceless works of art on loan from France that the US government took out a 3 BILLION dollar insurance policy on just for my sake.

Afterwards we went to the Japanese Gardens and daddy took me up on the high bridge, so it was ALL worth it.

Good Times With My Family