Monday, April 19, 2010

A Messy Day is a Good Day

You can tell the fun of the day by the Mess on the Toddler - Yes it was a FUN DAY!!!!! Of course since I am back from the beach, I will wear my hat NOW!!!!

Me in the Big Sandbox

So did you know there are places that are one GIANT sandbox....??? I don't know about that thing they call the OCEAN, but sand is cool, you can run in it, you can throw it, I was even SWIMMING in it (really, I would dive into it, and then swim, that is what I was doing in the last picture). We went to the beach this weekend, and I crossed the lagoon and there it was, so I plopped down and got to work.

I bet Grandpa Littler Drank Coffee at My Age

No, mom and dad don't give me coffee, but they should!!!!! I WANT IT, but I will settle for the empty cup.

Easter Morning

So that bunny didn't bring anything new, but I look cute in my outfit:) I don't know about that book mommy kept reading me, because there was no orchid for her and no chocolate bunnies for me - thank goodness my Grandmas were looking out for me and sent treats:)

Easter Dance Party

So we celebrated Easter with my buddy Jackson. We decorated eggs (rather ate non-toxic egg paint and made a mess), had an Easter egg hunt (which I didn't really get) but did you know there is FOOD in those eggs????? In the grand tradition of play dates with Jackson we had a contest, since neither one of us got the whole "find the eggs" thing our dads thought up another contest...... DANCE OFF EASTER 2010..... I don't know what you think, but I TOTALLY got this one down. Jackson does get props for his Flash Dance inspired outfit (used to color eggs in) though.

Otters are Cool, Badgers Are NOT


Mommy played hookey one afternoon from work (she just left at 3:00) and took me to the Coyote Point Zoo. Coyote Point doesn't have as many animals as Happy Hollow, but it does have a few important points.
1. It is on the way home from work.
2. It is free for members (parking too)