Friday, March 19, 2010


Mom and Dad braved the crowds and took me to Happy Hollow on its Grand Reopening for Members with Jackson and his family. That place is great. They have a playground very age inappropriate for me that I was eyeing, along with Jackson's daddy and my daddy-they said there was NOTING cool like that when they were kids, too bad for them. It looks like a giant tree civilization from Swiss Family Robinson. SO COOL!!!
Anyhow, mommy kept me away from that, but I got to see a leopard, turtle, parrots, lemurs, and talk to some goats. Yes, I was talking to goats, saying "Goat, come here goat, goat, goat, come here, let me pet you...."

YUM Ribs

Yes world, I am an EATING MACHINE!!!!!!! In a typical day, I eat three bananas, three to four mandarin orange cups, pasta, crackers, 12 oz of yogurt, and now RIBS!!!! or chicken or anything else I can get my hands on:)

Where have we Been?

Well first of all, we are no longer in Palo Alto. Mommy and Daddy found a great house for me in San Mateo. It is the best. There is 1400 sqf with 750 sqf worth of furniture for me to run around in. It has a laundry room, which is mommy's dream come true and a dishwasher, which is daddy's dream come true. Seriously, this is a picture of our backyard.... WE LIVE IN THE WOODS, or as close as you can living in a major metropolitan area....

The cats kinda moved with us too. Well, to explain.......

Turk (black kitty) refused to leave Palo Alto despite multiple attempts to catch him so now he lives in the neighbors shed and mommy and daddy drop off cat food for him.

Jack and Al moved into the new house, but Al made a break for it and ran away into the woods for three days. Then he came back for Jack. It took two days for Al to convince Jack the woods were the place to be, then they both ran away for a week and a half. Jack came home two days ago, ate lots of food, got lots of cuddles, and slept in a bed. Then today he HAD to go outside or else...... So will we have 0, 1, or 2 cats this evening? Your guess is a good as ours.

So mommy and daddy were sooooo busy with finding a house (they have been looking since last May). They have to admit, they haven't taken many pictures of me to post...... BAD MOMMY AND DADDY, but they will.....