Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation In Idaho and Utah

Me and my Twin Cousin (our birthdays are 6 years and 1 day apart even)
Mommy and Daddy, did you run off the hill in a hail storm?
You were supposed to ride the Alpine Slide????

Swimming is the best!!!!!
Not another family self pic.....

That is a LONG way down. Good thing we didn't have to hike up!!
Me and my Great-Grandparents Sweetens
Gotta take this sand back home with me
Grampa and Me:)
Why am I NOT in this picture? Mommy, Daddy, did you go on a hike without me?

So I FINALLY went to Idaho and Utah for the first time..... Mommy and Daddy have been holding out on me. It is pretty cool there. You can go camping, hiking, I didn't like boating - I got a little sea sick, but the swimming pool was THE BEST!!!! I also met my family there including my "twin" cousin. Yes, not only do we look a lot alike, our birthdays are one day apart. Mine is the 26th of December, his is the 27th..... Our mommies don't forget our birthdays:)

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