Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day Out with Daddy

So last weekend I went to a baby shower with daddy:) Mommy had a prior "engagement" (scrapbooking/craft day) and daddy was brave enough to take me all by himself. We had a great time. I did my duty as a baby proofing consultant, letting the new parents know to hide cat food, water, dishes, books, keep the bathroom closed, keep keys out of reach, give up on ever holding the remote again, learn that jam is a great addition to any sofa, and appreciate every minute of their new little one, because they will grow up WAY too fast..... Anyways, we had a great time. I discovered my tongue and wanted to show it to the world:) Mommy thinks this is one of the cutest pictures I have to date:)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look "ki" I'm Standing

Yes world, I am one step closer to running around and chasing "ki". That is kitty in Seanese.... Everytime I see one of my fluffy brothers, that is what I say, "ki" so does this count as my first word since I say it in context???? Mommy and Daddy would disagree as I have been mumbling DA DA and MA MA for awhile, and my OTHER favorite word "UBLA".... Mommy's first word was UBA, so she is thinking I am just like her..... was daddy's first word LA and I am a combination of the two.... hmmm.....????

So back to the standing, last night daddy was giving me grapes (not whole mind you) and I kinda forgot I was a baby and just stood there waiting for them to be put in my mouth rather than hold on like I usually do.... I mean, I needed BOTH my hands to shove grapes in my mouth so standing was born out of necessity.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween with Jackson

So for Halloween Mommy made me dress up as the turtle again (shout out to Aunt Becky here).... and we went to Jackson's house. Of course our parents got bored and found a new game for us. Apparently, Jackson's dad had been concocting this ALL week, but we had push wagon races. I won with the small wagon and a rematch was declared, so then I won with the big wagon, and pushing Jackson.... We didn't plan this, but we TOTALLY matched, as usual.... It is kinda funny.

Jackson was the perfect zebra, he even had the noise down......


I was the Dancing, Stevie Wonder Turtle....... When there is music on I like to sway back and forth. I also ate non-stop of course, how do I stay so small??? Uncle Andy has shared his secret with me apparently.


School Halloween Party

So I was the CUTEST Turtle ever.... When I was crawling I was the FASTEST turtle ever.... School had a party with music and I found an interesting new use for my drum....

10 Months Old


So I am 10 months old now. Mommy wanted to take a picture of me in the same chair to show how I have grown, but there is one problem...... I am WAY too old to sit now. I am a busy guy that crawls mach 10, gets into everything if you aren't looking, and has a good time. Key statistics about me are

Food..... yes please, if you are eating it I will eat it. If you don't eat it FORGET IT!!!! I don't do baby food, but falafel and curry are OK. The other day when mommy was dropping me off at school the teacher was making the peaches all I could do was wave bye bye to mommy and stare down the peaches.

Bottles..... ok, I have found this is a quick way to recharge after a long time playing before I play more so I do suck them down now

Nursing..... Well duh, I am still all about cuddling with my mommy

Teeth....... 6

Growth spurts...... The last one was a doozy... pretty painful for everyone involved

Words..... FINALLY figured out that MA MA MA thing, I slept all night and woke up say MA MA MA, mommy thought she had died and gone to heaven

Mobility..... Crawls like a champ, can pull up on anything in two seconds flat, walks assisted or pushing something, favorite sport is couch surfing

Movement...... I sway back and forth, I think I am Stevie Wonder these days. I also like to play "full body" peek a boo by crouching down behind the chair then popping back up.

Hand motions..... Clapping is soooo cool, if I am doing it you better do it too. I also wave bye bye by opening and shutting the palm of my hand.

Toys..... Don't have a preference, if it makes a mess I am all about it, plastic containers, blocks, rattles.... I do like things with sound though, I am going through a Stevie Wonder phase.

Sleep...... Who needs it, but mommy and daddy are starting to enforce it, especially at night..... NO more midnight snacks for me:( Oh well. The more I sleep at night the more I can play during the day, so I sleep through the night (or rather only cry a bit, short enough for me to fall asleep before mommy feels too much guilt) then nap a couple times a day.

Size..... Yes I am still a lean mean 5th percentile.... Still in 6-9 months (or rather just entered 6-9 months)

Strength.... Tough, I use my daddy's grippers and I can HANG ON!!! I left a bruise on mommy's arm - OUCH

Boooo booos...... UGH, mommy wants to just pre-fill the accident reports for school, My most memorable one was this.... I was crawling really fast and took a corner and rolled a few times until I face planted on the deck (I was outside). All mommy could think of was the SUV warning "Avoid Abrupt Moves at Excessive Speeds, Rollover Risk"

Separation anxiety...... Full force, I don't like it when daddy gets out of the car in the morning, I don't like it when mommy leaves me at school, I don't like it when I leave school....

Cats..... Still have three, for now..... They are contemplating life on the street as they see me getting ready to walk.... :)


The Damages from Hurricane Sean

A storm 18 months in the making (9 months pregnancy 9 months alive) has hit California and the damage is catastrophic. Though the residents of the tiny house in Palo Alto were told to prepare, stock rations, and button down the hatches, they were hit completely off guard when it happened. When asked why they didn't do more before the hurricane Rozalyn, also known currently as "Ma Ma" stated "I thought we would have some warning, I didn't know he would go from stationary to crawling at 10 knots this fast" Jeff also known as "Da da da da da" stated "Do you know how confusing those damn latches are, it takes a PhD in child proofing to get them on. Even when I FINALLY got them on we had jerry rig them. The stupid latch you put on top doesn't work, you can't get enough leverage with a screwdriver or a power drill..... who invented these stupid things....??? @#*& this!!!!" Significant damages include a small dish, an entire bag of cat food that was dumped out and spread everywhere, a book cover, and a day's worth of garbage and recycling. The residents are still assessing damages and determining how to avoid this in the future.

Hurricane Sean Blows into Nevada

So I am TOTALLY mobile now and into EVERYTHING!!!!! So last month I decided to take my mobility to Nevada where I hung out with great grandma and grandpa and played with plastic containers, pie tins and grandma's puzzle book. Man was it fun:)

Getting Ready for Fall

So since this is my first fall mommy and daddy decided I needed to go to a pumpkin patch, and Jackson's mommy and daddy decided it would be fun if we all went together. However, daddy didn't want to drive all the way to Half Moon Bay and waste a day in traffic so we found the closest pumpkin patch we could and went. Can you believe there is one just a few miles from out house with all sorts of fun stuff, including a petting zoo, pony rides (maybe next year...), hay rides, a bouncy house (a few years) and a haunted house...... Webb Ranch is the coolest. I tried to get daddy to get the pumpkins I picked out, but I settled on a little one from Farmers Market instead:)