Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Nacho Chip

So I haven't been sleeping lately. It may be growing pains, teething pains, a stuffy nose, a runny nose, it is too humid, it is not humid enough, I take too many naps, I take too few naps, I cry it out too much, I don't cry it out enough, the barometric pressure is changing, the leaves are changing, I eat too many solids, I don't eat enough solids, I don't drink enough milk during the day, or I just like hanging with my parents in the middle of the night. All of these are potential reasons, but the fact remains...... I AM NOT SLEEPING CURRENTLY!!!!!

So last night at 11 I decided to get up for the SECOND time and mommy just decided to stay up with me in a "shift" and trade with daddy later. I seem to sleep better being held..... So at 12 am I didn't want to sleep so mommy put me in the Ergo and walked around. Well she got hungry and broke out the all natural nacho chips from Trader Joes. I thought they looked good so mommy gave me one (rather I snatched it out of her hand), which I promptly ate. Please note: Mommy could recognize all the ingredients in the chips so they weren't THAT BAD for me.... Well after awhile I was done with the chip so I decided to feed it to mommy.... Yes world, I fed my mommy a nacho chip at midnight while she walked me around in the ergo:) Isn't that considerate of me!!!!!!!! So then mommy sat down on the chaise chair with me on her lap and we both fell asleep until 2:30. Mommy had nice dreams of me snoring, but at least I let her sleep long enough to dream.... Also VERY CONSIDERATE OF ME:)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Buddy's Birthday

My Buddy Nima turned a year old:) I was his little friend at the party. We were at a working farm in the ghetto of San Jose..... What's a ghetto? Mommy was a bit nervous there until we found the park. Auntie Azadeh gave the wrong address.... Oh well, we made it and I got to see a cow, pig, chickens, and a pinata. The cake was cool too, but mommy wouldn't let me have any. I need to wait for my first birthday.

Can you believe we are to Nine Months???

I have been Super Busy!!!!

Besides me turning 9 months old I have been popping out more teeth, crawling like crazy, standing, pulling up, learning to drink from a cup and babbling up a storm. Just Thursday I started clapping!!!!! Friday, I waved goodbye to mommy when she left me at school. I am just getting super smart:) I am having a good time at school too. Some of my favorite things to do are crawling races with Joey and crawling after Tejal. She is walking now so she can run away from me. It won't be long until I can actually catch her. The other day she was crying and I gave her my toy. It won't be long now before she succumbs to my infinite charm.....