Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Family is Whole Again:)

Both, that's right BOTH cats are safely home tonight:) 24 days they were gone, where they were we don't know, but today they decided a life with me, little baby Sean, was better than a life on the cold hard streets of Palo Alto, or they escaped from a shed/garage today. They are Skinny and Alley cat has lost some hair, but they appear healthy and happy to be home:) Jack is pretty darn skinny, Alley finally looks like a normal sized cat. We are keeping them inside for a few days and we made an appointment for the vet on Saturday..... What an adventure they must have been through. Mommy couldn't believe it when she heard Jack meowing this morning when she got up and was even WAY more surprised to come home to Alley meowing in the backyard after work. She had a feeling he would turn up, she even left him some food and water outside so she could lock Jack in the house. Turk is under the bed pouting though...... He really liked being the only cat.......


Jack Is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

He was just on a vacation to Paris!!!!!!! We were drinking coffee about 10 minutes ago, heard a meow and there he was....(Hungry, thirsty, and dirty) :) We are still hoping Al will follow. Jack is running around the house meowing like Al will pop out :( Hopefully he will.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My "Puff"

So I was shopping at Target yesterday with mommy and daddy walked around the corner and guess what I did???? I got really excited and "said" PUFF..... Like papa is my puff:) I still don't know when I plan on saying any semblance on mommy..... So now we call daddy Puff.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vacation Day Deux

So this morning started out with me going BACK TO BED..... Imagine that..... I got up at 6, went back to bed at 7 and slept until 8:30. Then we had a yummy breakfast at The Red House Cafe.... YUM YUM!!!! Jackson's parents told mommy and daddy about it and man were they right. We had french toast and pancakes....

Then we went on a hike at Point Lobos..... Then screaming in the car, no nap... went home for lunch, screaming in the bedroom.... no nap..... So I FINALLY got my way and we went to the beach where I played in the sand and got in the water.....

All of that and finally at 3:30 I passed out for two hours..... So now I am crawling around ready to go again..... Mommy is making dinner, and ready just to CHILL

Friday, September 4, 2009


That's right, the Littlers are on vacation....... That is how mom has time to actually blog:) Just in case you were wondering our accommodations are MUCH better than the last place. We are in a cottage 3 blocks from the beach that is about the size of our house minus a bedroom. It is much nicer, and we aren't sharing it with the owner;) So far we have gone to the beach and the aquarium..... and it is only the first day. Mom and dad love taking me to the aquarium, I get soooo excited. The aquarium is so nice too:) Alright, my nap is over so we are off.....

8 Month Wiggly Giggly Boy

So mommy likes to take my month "birthday" pictures in this chair so everyone can see how I have grown relative to the chair...... Anywhoo, this month I am MOBILE so I was having none of that sitting still concept. I was wiggling, and giggling, and moving around.... As you can see. Mommy tried, but I was just having too much fun crawling to the camera and smiling. So what am I up to at my 8 month of life.

1. I am 16 pounds 11 oz. I have put on 10 pounds since birth
2. I LOVE food, I love crackers, yogurt, cheerios, whatever is on mommy's plate, cereal, peas, tomatoes....... anything. I always make the same funny face when it first goes in, but I EAT it.... why spit it out?
3. I have four, count them, FOUR teeth..... two top, two bottom
4. I am low crawling, practicing for the obstacle courses if I take after my Marine PaPa... I still haven't figured out how to get up to my knees, but I am pretty fast:)
5. I love school, I am so happy when I get there in the morning to see Su Mei, Teresa, Jenn, and Delia:) Mommy misses me during the day, but they let me finger paint (and eat it) at school:)
6. I babble like you SHOULD know what I am saying to you.......
7. I am a smiling social FOOL. I LOVE the attention of all I meet, random people in the grocery, waitresses, anyone.
8. I know my name is SEAN:)


So Peek-A-Boo is one of my FAVORITE games. Mommy and Daddy love to cover me in a blanket and play. Well the other day I GOT it. I was covering my face with a book and then I would pull it down and giggle, just like I did with the blanket. It was so much fun. Mommy just laughed and laughed. It was so great to see that I had learned something:)

Dad's New Bike

So there is a new toy in the Littler house and it DOESN'T have my name on it...... Daddy finally got his bike. Mommy let me sit on it because it was a cute photo op, however, no rides for me. :( I don't think she will reconsider either

Luckily she will let me ride my cool bike:)