Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7 Month Old Playdate

So Jackson and I have "graduated" we no longer lay around on our playdates, we sit up and try to get all the toys to our side of the blanket on our playdates. This is the most recent one on my 7 month birthday...... As a Christmas Baby this might be as close as I get to an ACTUAL birthday party..... Mom and Dad are in the same boat as me so they don't give me any pity....

Some of my Cool Stuff

I like my exersaucer

The monkey is still way cool in my mind

Just Like my daddy I LOVE the grippers. Like Father, Like Son, but I just check them out and chew on them at this point.

Ready for my Playdate

What do I really do on my playdates??? Sit and chill, it is more for mommy and daddy to feel like they still have some semblance of a social life. This is me and my good buddy Jackson, just chillin.....

Bathing Baby

Grampa Littler has been giving mommy and daddy ducks for years...... Finally they are getting some use

Look Mommy, I can ALMOST sit up....... Watch out, I am getting Mobile.

The Daycare "SuperBug" and the Little "foodie"

So I am sure many of you are wondering "Where is Baby Sean?" "Why isn't he posting?" Well the answer to that question is Daycare Super Bug;) Yes, we are FINALLY feeling better in the Littler household. We went to San Diego and Grandma Patterson came to visit, then I started to feel "stuffy" then I started to have a runny nose, then I started to cough, then I started to cough so hard I would throw up, then I stopped sleeping at night, for five nights straight. Then I gave it all to mommy, who added pink eye to the list of symptoms. Apparently Adeno Virus #2 is a rough one or so the doctor told us. I think it took about four to six weeks for everyone to be on the mend..... So needless to say there weren't a lot of pictures this past month, but here is what we have.

So I have been eating a lot of food...... I love food, cheese and yogurt are my favorites. I also love mashed potatoes and veggies are ok.....

Monday, July 27, 2009

I went to San Diego

Hung out with Grandpa Littler

Hung out with grandma Littler

Sat on the Beach with mom

Looked at the Ocean with Dad - I DID NOT LIKE HIM PUTTING MY FEET IN THE WATER!!!!
Went on a hike
Not impressed with the hike
Was carried like a Pharoh on the hike (Grandpa, my stroller isn't for off roading...)

Went to the Aquarium, YES I STILL LOVE THE AQUARIUM!!!!!!!

Hung out watching the world go by with my family......

Man it was fun, if mom gets organized enough she can tell you about some of the other fun stuff we have been doing like all the food I have been wearing and how big (16 pounds) I am getting:)  I also say dada......  No momma yet, I am saving that one for a big occasion.