Saturday, June 6, 2009



OK, so I know it has been a bit more than a month since my last post, but honestly it has felt like a LIFETIME!!!!

What has happened?
  • Mommy started back at work
  • I started going to "school"
  • I have learned to play the piano at school, mommy thinks I look like Linus playing it and REALLY needs to get a picture
  • I have figured out how to drink from a bottle - but only when I feel like it- I still expect mommy to come EVERY day at lunch to feed me the "proper" way
I have grown into my 3-6 month clothes, at 5 months I guess it was time

I have been watching baseball with Daddy- Is that a "ginger soda"?  I feel kinda woozy...

I have started getting rice cereal, but only once in awhile- mommy says it is easier to get a drug approved then get food in me.

I have a new exersaucer mommy bought for 10 dollars.... she loves Craigslist  I just love this monkey spinner!!!

I went on a hike to the Stanford Dish....  I didn't like the stroller so daddy was nice enough to carry me.  Even with that mommy couldn't keep up.  She needs to get back into shape!!!!

The computer hard drive died!!!!  Luckily mommy had just sent photos to Costco to be printed so only the photos showing my less attractive side were lost