Friday, January 30, 2009

I wasn't fussy last night:)

Let me tell you about last night..........

I was soooo good last night:) This was as bad as I got.......

I feel so bad that daddy comes home from work and sees my not so good side that last night I showed him what a good baby I usually am, sweet and mellow:) Hopefully we have more nights like this in store for us:)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hello Everyone, I am a Month Old

Hey everyone, I am a month old today......
My four week appointment gave me a clean bill of health (and mommy some moral support for my fussiness).  I now weigh 8 lbs and 11 oz and I am 21.5 inches - Growing fast

This is how I have spent the last few weeks - keeping mom busy

Sleeping - while mommy held me
Watching my first inauguration (Could you stop watching CNN already mom and dad)

Chillin in the "mommy recliner"

Yawning in the "mommy recliner"

Melting down in the "mommy recliner"

Sleeping in my new crib (co-sleeping did NOT last long - I snore just like daddy!!!!)
Hanging onto Mommy like a Monkey in the Ergo carrier (the ONLY thing that will calm me down!!!!!!! - You are the best Annemarie and Becky and Kori for telling me to get one)

Rolling into my non-SIDS approved sleeping position....  Like to keep mommy on her toes
What's up????? - we going on a walk or what???

That's me on my one month birthday

How I spent most of my birthday, hanging with Mom - after she fed me (We don't need to see that, this is an all ages blog:).....

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So the past few days have been rough on me (and mom and dad too). I am a great baby, but I need my cardio workout so I have had to cry a bit too:) Last night was the worst.  I was a bit overstimulated from too many visitors and decided to cry for about an hour straight, then I just passed out - literally.  Mom was glad I had stopped crying and was sleeping, but a little worried too......  Luckily I am just fine, just needed to blow off some steam.

Friday, January 9, 2009

7 lbs 6 oz

I am getting bigger:) and I have a clean bill of health:)

14 Days.... Will I be up to my fighting weight?

I am 14 days old today!!!!! It has been a busy fun two weeks..... Look at some of the things I have done in addition to eating, and creating LOADS of dirty diapers. Mommy really hopes I am back up to my "fighting" (birth) weight today at the doctor later today. That will mean I really am eating when I hang out with mommy for hours on end:)

My Birthday, Why is Daddy the only one not smiling??? He didn't do the work or get pushed out of a nice jacuzzi with food on demand;)

Mommy and Me

Littler Family Photo

Father Tim Corrupting Me

Hanging with Daddy on his Birthday

Outing to University Avenue

First Sponge Bath, I smelled SOOOOOO Good:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Sweet Little Baby Sean

So Sean is now 12 days old.  My how time has flown, I keep waiting for him to ask to borrow the car:)  He is still a REALLY good baby, he loves to sleep, he loves to eat, and he is getting used the diaper changing.  He even let mom sleep for four whole hours the other night, then dad did the morning feeding and mom couldn't believe she had 7 hours of sleep.  I don't think I have slept that good since before I was pregnant.  Needless to say we couldn't be happier:)

There has only been one "feeding strike" that made mom and dad a bit nervous, but that seems to be over now.

The cats are used to him now and don't seem to mind his little noises.  Jack likes to "check in" on us at night, just to make sure I am doing everything right.  Al likes to sit next to us on the sofa and purr.....  Al did the same thing when I was pregnant and Sean was kicking, it would calm Sean right down, still works:).  Turk still doesn't like me, so if I am holding Sean he looks at both of us like we are going to attack him at any second.  He hasn't moved yet so that is about the best we hoped for with him.

Sean has met lots of new people, Uncle Tim (who is already working to corrupt him), Grandma and Grandpa Littler, Auntie Lindsay, and lots more:)  We can't wait for him to meet everyone.