Monday, November 24, 2008

I am soooo DONE!!!!

I promise to post a picture at week 36, but we are at 35 now and I am feeling DONE!!!

Signs I am done:
1) When asked how many weeks I now say 2-5, as in 2 to full term, 5 to my due date
2) I refuse to buy my 3rd Costco size bottle of Tums - but I might have to break down for a smaller size
3) I welcome Braxton Hicks contractions now and hope they are the real thing
4) I now describe myself as two legs, two arms, and something completely dysfunctional in the middle - it isn't the stomach size that gets you - my stomach is still pretty small comparatively - it is the fact it is full of bones that are not working with me.
5) I have packed my bags and next week they are going in the car!!!!
6) A Thanksgiving baby sounds much better to me now than a Christmas baby